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At Heal Veterinary, we strive to redefine the concept of a “full service veterinary clinic” by offering you and your pet the most complete range of services and resources. And because we believe the best way to care for an animal is to understand an animal, we have the expertise, tools, and resources to advance your pet’s health.


Caring for your pet does not begin and end in a veterinarian’s clinic. Complete pet health is a matter of attaining wellness each and every day. Our veterinarians are here to assist you in making proper choices regarding your animal’s nutrition, exercise, behavioral well-being, vaccinations, and preventative medicine.


In order to fully understand and animal, it is important to gather as much accurate information as possible. At Heal, we are committed to utilizing state of the art diagnostic testing resources to achieve this end. Our clinic is equipped to handle on-site radiology and ultrasound procedures. And our digital x-ray capabilities mean faster, more accurate diagnoses.


Our comprehensive surgical facilities are made even more effective by our highly regarded veterinarians.


Dental care plays an important role in your pet’s overall health and well being. At Heal, we take advantage of our full digital dental capabilities to diagnose problems and provide a course of healing and maintenance.

Puppy & Kitten Care

Making the right choices for your animal during their early years is a vital step in ensuring a long, healthy, happy life. Heal Veterinary is committed to providing your puppy or kitten with the best care to start them off on a life-long road to health.

Senior Care

Senior animals have health needs that differ from younger animals. In order to ensure a full and active life for your pet, the staff at Heal Veterinary can advise you on the unique nutritional, medical, and physical requirements of senior animals.

Avian and Exotic Care

Birds, reptiles, and small mammals need regular wellness exams just as dogs and cats do. A complete annual exam can help ensure your pet’s health and happiness. Not only will our doctors perform a physical exam, they will also educate you on diet, grooming, housing and exercise for your unique pet.

Many small mammals are able to hide symptoms of illness or injury, so owners must be careful to take any small changes seriously. Always make sure to take note of your pets overall health, activity level, diet and body condition. Any changes should be immediately discussed with your veterinarian.

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